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Greg and Neil began working together after high school some 35 years ago. They both pooled money to invest in audio equipment and opened a recording studio in Toronto. This was at the time when the analog world ruled and digital was just starting to come on the scene.


At that time, a good friend of theirs was the shop foreman at a large exhibit house in Toronto and always wanted Greg and Neil to come in and help whenever they had large projects.


One week, Greg and Neil went from helping in the paint shop of their friend’s exhibit house to running a crew of 25 artists and coordinating the install and completion of the Niagara Falls Casino. From there they both opened their first custom shop, focusing on the technology.


They later invested $100,000 in a CNC machine, expanding into the world of custom builds for casinos, retail, hospitality, and film. They have since spent the last 20 years developing and implementing technologies behind the scenes to some of the largest companies in the world.

-    Greg Mardon & Neil Foster, co-founders

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