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We simplify the process of integrating LED video technology into physical structures and exceed clients expectations.

HT Connect is a company built on innovation and service. By pushing the boundaries of our creativity, we can provide unique offerings and services to our partners. We aspire to lay the groundwork in developing a platform where multi-levels of creativity converge into a network where ethereal concepts can take shape in the physical world.


LED video technology has allowed us the opportunity to provide our creative offerings to the events community. Working with innovative products like LEDskin® Curves and Perfect Corners moves us away from standard 2D perspective an allows us to create solutions three dimensionally. This is always a challenging aspect for designers not used to thinking in terms of 3D visual structure. Having worked with large, complex LED video integrations, we take pride in our experience and ability to think and live 3D.


Our focus is on developing strong B2B partnerships by giving our clients the tools to make new product offerings and create new business opportunities for themselves. At HT Connect, we are dedicated to providing the best exhibit solutions wherever our clients need them and have established ourselves in five major markets across North America; Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, New York City and Toronto.


We are currently looking to expand into new markets and believe the best way to service a community is to be part of that community.

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